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A gem of an album Julian Piper, Acoustic Magazine

This album has a subtle and unforced feel; it’s fresh, resonant and full of promise C. Pounceby, Folk Roots

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June 9th, 2014

Its all been…….kicking off (I can’t stand football) Everything else, of course is extremely regular in these parts. Now then; There’s been stuff happening. Some of which will tie in seamlessly from my last update and some other stuff (like the knife incident and the European Ambassadors), that won’t. We bought a tour bus, the […]

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January 9th, 2014

How quickly 8 months can pass since my last newsletter

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  • 23/08/14 Tom Doughty in Liverpool at Liverpool Music Festival
  • 23/08/14 Tom Doughty in Colne Lancs at The Great Britsh R & B Festival
  • 20/07/14 Tom Doughty in Glastonbury at Orchestra in a Field