Too wet for Dry Stone Ball Building so lets crack on.
I’ve had such a wonderful, mixed musical year and I hope you have too.
Thanks for turning up at gigs, contacting me, supporting me and all my best to you all this year.
I’ll send a more detailed update before my next gig in January at The Bridgewater Hall but until then here are details of my new recordings. Currently on Itunes, but CD also available – contact me for details
Tom has just completed something new – Two British Blues based tracks with a couple of top session players.  Here is a small clip:

Tom’s new recording, Journeyman Blues, (featuring Nick Boyes on Bass and Mike Sturgis on percussion), takes Tom’s acoustic lap steel playing into another dimension. the two tracks – using Tom’s 1929 National Resonator on ‘Your picture has faded’ and a beautiful ‘Weissenborn’ on Journeyman blues,  create a unique twist on that driving Blues sound. Tom will develop this concept further with a full album – as soon as possible.

The two full tracks are available on itunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/journeyman-blues-single/id588206965