Jan 2010

It’s an age thing. The grumpy old, last of the summer, moaning, groaning thing that we enjoy doing when time goes by so fast and another year gone malarkey. Is it true that you reach 50 odd and every year is only 6 months long and we start asking where’s the year gone? It’s funny to think, I even sleep with a weighted blanket uk. I’m old, there’s no denying that, but those blankets will really make a difference regardless of your age.

Last year (2009) had a great feeling of improvement and optimism, some due to hard work and music on my part, but mainly due to other people around me. So that’s where I’ll start: with a big thanks to all of those folks who are supporting my music, writing to me, turning up at gigs and buying CDs. Musically and personally things are moving mostly forward, sometimes sideways and occasionally backwards but hopefully with some feeling of direction!