April 2011

Hope you like my new razzle dazzle web site. More developments and additions will be coming soon including a bog or something. Meanwhile, here’s my short update.

We moved house in December and now have a music room which is big enough for house concerts, my guitar collection and Caroline’s baby grand. There’s lots of work to do but its getting there, bit of an on going project. We are feeling settled and fortunate; this home has a stillness and a good vibe going on.

Musically, I am in a creative mood and about to put some more things onto you tube. Gigs are getting busy too with trips to Fleetwood, London, Barmouth and Nantwich imminent. Check the gig guide for details. I’ll also be playing and teaching at this years Slidefest in Coventry, early June. ( http://www.slidefest.co.uk/)  It was a great event last year and something I am looking forward to. The summer brings me some music festivals including my seemingly annual appearance on the acoustic stage at at Colne.

In mid March, I got to play at The Zinc Blues Festival in Beauvais, France. All the performers were so well looked after, gigs went well and it was a lot of fun despite the long drive.

You’ll catch me live at Fleetwood on Saturday 16th with John Renborn and Robin Williamson. I’m looking forward to seeing them again and hearing their great music. My next three weekends are busy and should you want to avoid a Royal Wedding, I’m playing at The Hinckley Act on 29th April  http://hinckleyact.co.uk/  where, rest assured,  I won’t perform a Delta Blues version of a certain Johnny Rotten number.

So thanks for putting your head around my door so to speak – and enjoy the visit. T’internet eats the distances but face to face is what life is really about, keep it real.