june update

I’m writing this looking at Sepia Photos of the pie men on
a narrow boat. Some are dressed as pirates. They come
from North Manchester, an area well known for pirates.
My music is random from a player: right now its Rockin
Jimmy Byfield & The Brothers of the night: ‘Evry beat of my heart’
‘Slowly Slowly Catchy monkey’ as Miss Marple said.
This weeks’ questions are:
Will I get one of my Evolution Slides into the hands of
Brian May? (Did you see that fantastic TV programme
about Queen the other week)?

Will I develop my idea of a second short film into
something that will attract more interst in my music?
Will my internet lap guitar lessons develop past the first
guinea pig?
Will another CD be in the making?
Will Chem Dry Charlie do a good job on the carpets?
Will I get an article in the National press before my big
gig in October?
There are no answers yet but the Monkey catcher is on
the case; (Slowly, slowly)