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Can’t Teach an Old Dog

1. Milky Tea
2. Journeyman blues
3. Your Picture has Faded
4. Grapevine
5. Ask Sweet Mary
6. Shimmer
7. Girl from the North Country
8. Running Free
9. Come Back Baby
10. Batasta
11. Out of the Asylum
12. Merkin
13. Rescue Me
14. Almost Naomi
15. Awakening

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From Rock to Baroque  A beautiful, diverse and skilled journey into the Acoustic Lap Guitar. Tom’s 4th full CD reflects the strength of his repertoire and ability to find new textures and voices to his music. The thread is clearly constant – a lap slide guitar, good music and strong vocals from a man whose playing continues to amaze.

“Blown Away” – Ed Sullivan (not that one!)…New York

“This musician has now produced five albums, each one, in my humble opinion, taking acoustic lap-slide guitar to a level above any other musician of that particular genre alive today. 

After receiving his latest C.D. yesterday (and playing it constantly for four hours ~ it’s on our workshop C.D. player now!) I can honestly say it’s a slide guitar masterpiece.

He hasn’t asked me to write this ~ in fact, if he reads this he’ll probably ring me up and say “don’t talk bloody daft lad!!” ~ but if acoustic lap-slide guitar is in your blood, owning this C.D really is a ‘no-brainer’….😉

Congratulations to my mate Mr. Tom Doughty ~ you’ve just sent me the C.D i’ve been waiting for for the last 40 years….:)” (Ian McWee – Diamond Bottlenecks)


Have A Taste Of This

lrg-1 1. Way Down By The River
2. Journey Blues
3. Louisiana 1927
4. Delia
5. Mr Jelly Roll Baker
6. Maggie’s Pies
7. Nobody’s Fault
8. Spanish Harlem Incident
9. Zimbabwe Blues
10. Queen of Tarts
11. Hound Dog Blues
12. One For My Baby
13. Jalesar Ghanta

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‘A gem of an album’ Julian Piper, Acoustic Magazine

‘Exploiting overtones that many lap style guitarists try hard to suppress, Tom delivers a musical complexity, depth of tone and raw emotion that lesser mortals merely dream of’. Clive Sheard, Blues in the South

‘This album has a subtle and unforced feel; it’s fresh, resonant and full of promise’. C. Pounceby, Folk Roots

‘With every track a compelling statement of unfettered creativity, which, in these days of accountant-driven ‘product,’ is depressingly rare – so don’t miss this, the pure drop. However it’s his own works that makes this CD absolutely essential, with ‘Zimbabwe Blues’ a powerful and driving indictment, more eloquent than any politician’s speech. And the hypnotic ‘Queen Of Tarts’ is simply beautiful. Full marks too for the thoughtful contributions of the supporting musicians and the exemplary album engineering.’ RocknReel Magazine

Running Free

1. Your Picture Has Faded
2. Real Emotional Girl
3. Catfish Blues
4. Darlin’ Cora
5. Eleanor Rigby
6. Every Time We Say Goodbye
7. Koa River
8. Some These Days
9. Brownsville Blues
10. Running Free
11. Something Ain’t Right
12. Tears Came Rollin’ Down
13. Black Orpheus

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On the final track, an instrumental, Doughty is backed by the New York based guitar maestro Woody Mann that ends this impressive disc on a very high note. Over the past few months Doughty has played at clubs and festivals on both sides of the Atlantic and I would encourage your local club to book this guy as soon as possible! Rating: 9 – Bob Tilling Blues Review

His unique instrumental interpretation of Cole Porter’s classic is a more than welcome inclusion on the new CD. All this adds up to Running Free being another triumph for Tom Doughty’s guitar genius and puts him up there with the best. Lewis Jones Froots • Running Free is already a milestone on a remarkable road. Jim Gillan: RocknReel Magazine

This is a gorgeous CD full of imaginative performances played by a peerless virtuoso of the slide guitar. Another of our home grown treasures, Tom Doughty is certainly a rare talent. Do yourself a favour and get this now! Ken Smith: Red Lick Records Brilliant in all its modesty. Antoine Légat • but it’s his interpretation of the Fab’s ‘Eleanor Rigby’ that really takes the biscuit – an almost chilling rendition that sometimes gets you thinking he’s strayed too far from the familiar melody but then he brings you back with start. Just superb. Alan jones – Ready to Rock Magazine

There’s real heart and soul in this little beauty. If the blues is generally a dark and solemn genre, Tom Doughty manages to instil a certain ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ feel – a positivity – and above all, a commitment to all that’s good about slide blues. Excellent – a lesson on how to make the blues sound cool! Rating: 9 – Peter J Brown aka toxic pete – Rhythm & Booze

The Bell

1. Banty Rooster
2. Tell Me
3. Under The Bright Moon
4. Come On In My Kitchen
5. Sleepwalk
6. Built Right On The Ground
7. Into The Bong
8. Mama In The Kitchen
9. Ben Hall
10. Been On The Road So Long
11. Come Back Baby
12. I’ll Make Love To You Anytime
13. The Bell

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This is quite simply one of the finest acoustic guitar albums I have heard for a while. Rating: 10/10 Michael Prince, Blues in Britain

No disappointment here, just top shelf creativity from an exceptional artist. David Anasthasia International Guitar Seminars ‘Banty Rooster’ (Charlie Patton composition) opens the album and Tom’s delivery of this superb song made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Tom’s love of the blues and early resonator guitars really comes across on this first class highly emotive album. There are no standout tracks for me, they are all good. Highly recommended. Paul Bufton -‘Blues Matters!’ issue 15 Doughty has the goods to deliver a treasure trove of music basking in roots traditions. His slide and finger picking are smooth, clean and gush with notes that swirl outward but always gently fall back to earth. Gary Weeks – Southwest Blues CD Review – August 2007


The Evolution guitar silde by Diamond Bottlenecks.

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Necessity being the mother of invention, Tom designed and created the prototype of this featured slide & asked the team at Diamond Bottlenecks to produce his idea of what we consider to be the perfect all-round guitar slide.

Tom uses his slide constantly, proclaiming it combines perfect weight & balance without the bulkiness of other ‘traditional’ slides – and after two years & thousands of hours of playing in both live & recording situations the slide still performs to Tom’s exacting expectations giving awesome tonal range, speed & pitch which no other slide can possibly allow.

Having the weight of heavy stainless steel & the tonal textures of pure glass in one complete package, this slide is perfect for intricate, balanced runs & has proved both rugged & hard wearing – as Tom says “I’ve dropped it a dozen times so far and it’s still in one piece – the sure sign of a hard working slide player!”.

Tom’s first two C.D.’s, ‘The Bell’ and ‘Running Free’ received rave reviews, and his eagerly-awaited third album, ‘Have A Taste Of This!’ was launched in November 2008 to equally stunning reviews. To complete a fantastic year for Tom, ‘Have A Taste Of This’ recently won the prestigious ‘Nobby’ award from the Cheshire Pie-Men’s guitar appreciation society!

All three C.D’s and links to Tom’s MySpace site & YouTube video’s can be found on Tom’s excellent & informative website –

This is such a truly unique slide we call it “Evolution” – comprising both the weight of steel & the tone of glass – one half being heavy, highly-polished stainless steel & the other half being a toughened glass insert bonded together as a tube, offering two playing surfaces from a single slide using the weight of the steel to offer a smooth, sustaining glass tone from one ‘face’, and a sweet, biting steel tone from the other ~ a true “Evolution”!

The “Evolution” is available in one length – 60mm (2.3/8″), with an internal diameter of 20mm. (3/4″). Premium quality highly-polished stainless steel is used for the one half of ‘Evolution’ ~ the other half comprises of a specially-formulated toughened ‘industrial standard’ glass, created to stand the rigours of playing & touring – and if you crack or smash the glass insert accidentally we’ll replace it for free!

We leave the internal walls ‘unfinished’, this allows the player to pad-out the slide to their individual preferences in regards to reducing the I.D. & general ‘feel’ of the slide internals. Our “Evolution” slides are individually packed with a free C.D. of Tom talking about his slide & playing a selection of tunes, and are shipped with their own monogrammed satin ‘Mojo Bag’ for constant protection.